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Still Alive

2010-08-17 18:55:36 by Tubarken

Just lettin the people know.


Still Alive

Moar Pokemanz

2010-05-15 21:18:53 by Tubarken

And another one!
I spent pretty much no time on this one XD

Moar Pokemanz


2010-05-15 21:13:53 by Tubarken

Made a Pokemon for Zeurel's Black Ace. If you have the time, go on his page and check out his videos. He's an amazing animator :D


Today, I decided that muffins just don'tseem to get enough love. They are esentialy just ugly cup-cakes to most. To me, they are much more than that! They are delicious awesome-day-strating breakfast material. I devour them everyday, and look at me! Ok..thats a bad example. Think of Mr. T. I'm sure that he ate a muffin at one point in his life, and tht has no doubt contributed to his success. Getting back to the point, I decided to make a day completely dedicated to the culinary masterpiece that is MUFFINS.

P.S: For those of you reading this who have not the slightest clue what the hell a muffin is in the first place, got be the awful picture I drew in roughly a minute and a half and for some odd reason submited to the Art Portal.

I officialy declare Sunday, May 2nd to be International Muffin Day!!!


2010-04-19 19:51:08 by Tubarken

Are they Good or Evil? Pick a side!


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2009-10-13 17:57:44 by Tubarken

Haven't left a post in forever! I might put a game on here eventually, but it'll likely turn out to be crap cuz i'm lazey! Well anyway, if I do put a piece-of-crap game on here, please don't attack it too much! :3


2009-06-13 12:02:12 by Tubarken

i is gettin an itouch today! i saved up forit for like 3 months!